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"No, I would not. I like the way I think." *

∼Temple Grandin

Making Asperger’s Work for You

Bali, Indonesia
Bali, IndonesiaJ. Urban

I have had the privilege of working with individuals on the autism spectrum, especially Asperger’s for over 40 years.

I can help you align yourself with the beauty and strengths of this challenge while determining how this condition is affecting your life right now. We can work together to take advantage of the unique abilities this condition offers by helping you:

  • develop a career niche to optimize the attributes of Asperger’s;
  • communicate effectively with difficult people and in stressful situations.
  • I can help you move toward your most cherished goals with success and composure.

    * This was Dr. Grandin's response when she was asked, if there was a cure for autism, would she take it? (From 60 Minutes interview with Lesley Stahl.)

    Dr. Grandin is an animal husbandry expert at Colorado State University. She is an international author and speaker on autism spectrum/Asperger’s.