Joe Urban, MFT, CSAT
519 Seabright Ave. Ste. 215
Santa Cruz, CA 95062

(831) 431-3322
FAX #: (831) 454-8047

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Session and Contact Information

Length of Sessions

Individual therapy sessions are based on a 50-minute hour or the requirements of your insurance coverage. Individuals in a couple or partnership relationship can be heard more readily in a longer session of 75 minutes or longer.

Frequency of sessions

The frequency of sessions depends upon your individual needs and budget. Most people arrange for a weekly session.

Insurance Coverage

Please know that I am not on any insurance panels. I will be happy to have a statement prepared that you can submit to your own insurance for reimbursement.


I have a sliding scale from $90-$175. I will work with you to set a fee that is workable for your budget.

Paypal is available.


My office is located at 519 Seabright Ave., Ste. 215, Santa Cruz, California 95062.


Please call (831) 431-3322 to set up an appointment or for further information.

My email is

My FAX # is (831) 454-8047