Joe Urban, MFT, CSAT
519 Seabright Ave. Ste. 215
Santa Cruz, CA 95062

(831) 431-3322
FAX #: (831) 454-8047

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"Caring is the greatest thing, caring matters most."

∼Last words of Frederich Von Hugel

Joe Urban

Welcoming Life
with Success and Composure

I have been a licensed Marriage Family Therapist for over 43 years offering children, adolescents, and adults a place of safety, trust and emotional security where change can occur in relationships, school, career, self esteem, addictions, childhood trauma, life purpose, depression, spirituality and stress.

My Focus

I can explore deep issues and shadow parts that are difficult to talk about with you. I will work with you to identify, connect and advocate for the wounded areas that have been ignored, neglected and forgotten.

I currently provide a limited practice in individual, family and group psychotherapy for children, adolescents and adults. I offer a depth of quality and insight gathered from extensive life experience and training. I use an eclectic approach that draws from many disciplines. My goal is to create a safe alliance with you or your child where change can take place, be supported and nourished.

My Philosophy

There is a powerful alchemy to the therapeutic process that can empower you toward positive movement in your relationships, communication, and self care. In addition to honoring the wounded parts, another of my main goals is to connect to each individual's capacity for authenticity. You can become the person you are as reflected in your deepest inner values.

I treat individuals who see me with respect and honor. I have a large capacity to care for them. I bring deep concentration and focus to the process—our work has great meaning and importance to me.