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"We all stand in need of healing. We are all seeking wholeness."

∼Esther de Waal

Sexual Addiction / Sexual Wellness

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There are few areas more difficult to talk about than our sexual behavior. Powerful and confusing messages are received early on in our childhood and adolescence from parents, churches and the popular culture.

These get twisted and confused. Often times a secret life, secret behaviors develop as a response to these shame based messages.

This compelling energy can become compulsive, deprived, difficult to stop and scary. Problems can occur that affect all areas of your life. Severe consequences can occur in your health, legal, financial, emotional, spiritual and relationship areas.

These behaviors can be worked with. You can have the kind of life that you want and are proud of. You can align and act according to your deepest held values.


I trained directly with Dr. Patrick Carnes, internationally known author and expert on sexual addiction, to become a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT).

My goal is to help you realize a healthy life style that you feel good about. I work non judgmentally to see beyond the current behavior you are troubled with to the underlying issues that cause you to act out or deprive yourself.

I work with the treatment model and materials developed by Dr. Carnes in his landmark works:

“Facing the Shadows” and "The Recovery Zone”

I offer help for partners of those caught in this terrifying condition.